Police arrest woman who left replica gun and mobile phone on control box of automatic barrier gate at Mong Kok Police Station (Updated: 9pm)


24th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) At about 11am this morning (24th), a police officer was waiting for a police vehicle about 30 metres away from the automatic barrier gate on Tung Choi Street at Mong Kok Police Station. He then found a suspected woman lingering on the pedestrian pavement. After a while, the other party put a batch of suspicious items on the top of the control box at the automatic barrier gate before leaving. Since the police officer had to rush to perform the task, he ignored the incident at the time.

Later, the policeman returned to the police station, so he went to the exit gate of the police station to check, and found a replica gun and a mobile phone placed on top of the control box. Due to the seriousness of the situation, the police immediately searched the CCTV footage in the vicinity and they were looking for a woman, about 1.6 meters tall, who was wearing a white short-sleeved dress and had tattoos on her feet. Police are investigating the motive for the crime, and the case was handed over to the Mong Kok District Criminal Investigation Team for follow-up.

It is reported that the police finally arrested a woman surnamed Cheung (25 years old) involved in the case on the west of Yen Chow Street in Sham Shui Po near Sham Mong Road in the afternoon. The mobile phone was suspected to be stolen.