Police launch large-scale traffic enforcement operation in Hong Kong, 6 people in Tsing Yi caught in 50 minutes for violating traffic laws


11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong police have commenced a city-wide traffic enforcement operation today (11th), employing unpredictable and varied methods of enforcement. This includes undercover officers issuing fines to pedestrians who violate the law by jaywalking without prior warning. Offenders can face a fine of HK$2,000 for crossing the road recklessly. As part of the operation, the Traffic Division of the Southern New Territories organised uniformed and plainclothes officers to conduct surveillance and ambush at the intersection of Chung Mei Road and Sheung Ko Tan Street in Tsing Yi’s Chung Mei Lo Uk Tsuen, starting at 3pm today. Within a span of 50 minutes, they managed to apprehend six individuals suspected of jaywalking.

Some pedestrians were caught off guard by the enforcement measures, particularly those who crossed the road just as the traffic light turned green. Expressing surprise, one individual said, “I always thought that when the green light flashes, it’s safe to cross!” According to reports, the police issued a total of seven tickets, with five individuals penalised for disregarding pedestrian footbridges and crossing the road recklessly, while two were caught crossing against a red pedestrian signal.

The intersection of Chung Mei Road and Sheung Ko Tan Street has been identified as a popular location for jaywalking, with many individuals bypassing nearby pedestrian footbridges and designated crossings, opting instead to cross directly beneath the footbridge.

Upon consulting the Transport Department’s website, it is stated that pedestrians should not “start” crossing the road when the green man is flashing. However, if pedestrians are already halfway across the road when the green man starts flashing, they can continue crossing until they safely reach the opposite pedestrian walkway or the safety island in the middle of the road.