Police join forces with Immigration and Labour Departments to arrest 35 men and women in an anti-vice operation


20th March 2019 – (Hong Kong) At 9.30am this morning, a private car collided with a motorcyclist at the roundabout near Castle Peak Road in Tuen Mun. The pillion passenger of the motorcycle fell and sustained injuries. She was eventually sent to hospital for treatment. Police are currently investigating the cause.

20th March 2019 – (Hong Kong) Special forces from Wan Chai and Happy Valley Police Districts collaborated with Immigration and Labour Departments to carry out an anti-vice operation codenamed ‘ CHAMPION’ after receiving a tip-off. The team raided Wan Chai area and arrested 3 men and 32 women aged between 17-54 including 29 mainland Chinese women and 3 foreigners.

A 32 year old woman and a 54 year old male suspected were detained for employing illegal workers. The others were being detained for violating visas and overstaying.