Police hold joint media conference with MTR, Fire Department and Hospital Authority to quash online rumour with regards to reported deaths at Prince Edward MTR Station on 31/8


10th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police held a joint press conference with MTR, Fire Department and Hospital Authority at 12.30am today to address the widespread online rumour of reported fatalities at Prince Edward MTR Station on 31st August.

Spokesperson from police force, Miss Yu

Spokesperson from the police force, Miss Yu started by recalling the incident at Prince Edward MTR Station on the night of 31st August. During the night, police received report and arrested 53 people, several of them were sent to hospital. There were at least 300-400 radical protesters who gathered outside Prince Edward MTR Station at the time of the incident and after evaluating the situation with MTR, police decided to arrange for a special train to send injured victims from Prince Edward MTR Station to Lai Chi Kok MTR station before they were transferred via ambulance to hospitals. The injured victims were then sent in batches to Caritas Medical Centre and Princess Margaret Hospital.

Miss Yu then quashed the rumours that there were reports filed by family members of ‘deceased’ protesters. Until today, there were no missing person reports filed with regards to the 31st August incident.

Spokesperson from MTR.

MTR spokesperson took over and told the press reporters that evacuation procedure was initiated at 10.53pm on the day of the incident. As the footage captured by the 3 CCTVs on platform 4 was not complete, MTR needed time to mend the pieces together. According to MTR records, there were no deaths reported. The spokesperson further expressed that the footage can never be given to public as according to MTR’s protocol and regulations. Only authorised personnels can make official request to view in order to facilitate investigation. Due to privacy issues, the video cannot be exposed to the public even though screen grabs of the footage were shown to reporters during the media conference. He further reiterated that the footage will be kept for 3 years.

At around 10.56pm, riot police arrived at Platform 3 and 4 of Prince Edward MTR Station. Footage provided by MTR.
At around 1.39am, police and ambulance sent injured victim via the lift in Lai Chi Kok MTR Station. Footage provided by MTR.
Mr.Lo from the Firemen Department.

Mr. Lo from the Firemen Department also highlighted the sequence of events that took place on 31st August. At 11.30pm, paramedics entered Prince Edward MTR station and they initially estimated the total injuries to be 10 but after further assessment was conducted, fire department confirmed that there were only 7 conscious victims that needed to be hospitalised instead of 10. Out of the 7 victims, 3 were in serious condition, 2 were in stable condition while 2 sustained mild injuries. They were later transferred to Caritas Medical Centre and Princess Margaret Hospital respectively from Lai Chi Kok MTR Station. He also referred to one isolated incident where paramedics team entered Prince Edward MTR Station via Exit E at 11.24pm to attend to a protester who was traumatised. The victim eventually told them that he did not need any medical attention in the end before he was being escorted out from Exit E at 11.31pm. Hence, he was not included in the total number of injuries.

Mr.Andy Kung from Hospital Authority.

Meanwhile, Andy Kung from Hospital Authority confirmed that there were a total of 46 injuries during the clash of 31 August (including Prince Edward MTR Station). 19 of them were hospitalised, 5 were in serious condition, 14 were in stable condition and the rest were discharged on the same day. No death has been reported and all the patients have been fully discharged.