Police, FEHD and Highways Department officers clear Lennon Wall Tunnel opposite Tai Po Market Station


22nd November 2019 – (Hong Kong) Since the beginning of the anti-extradition protest in June, there were at least 150 Lennon Wall message boards erected in over 18 districts. Civilians used memos and posters to stick on the message boards to lament their displeasure with the government and the police force.

One of the most spectacular Lennon Wall is none other than the pedestrian subway opposite Tai Po Market Station. The Lennon Wall was vandalised several times by others who shared different political views. There were also riot police officers who removed posters containing personal information of specific police officers.

At 10am today, a total of 30 people comprising riot police, plainclothes officers, FEHD officers, Highways Department officers and cleaners arrived at the tunnel to commence clearance. They used high-pressure water jet and spades to clean the Lennon Wall under the watchful eye of riot police. The entire task was completed at around 12pm today.