Police crackdown on youth crime in Tseung Kwan O results in arrests for drug trafficking, criminal damage, and fraud

Lui Lon-ching (right) and Chan Ka-sin (left)

25th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In an enforcement operation, the Tseung Kwan O police district launched a three-month initiative from 12th June to 21st September, targeting youth criminal activities through intelligence-led operations. During the operation, the police arrested a total of 41 individuals, aged between 14 and 65, for crimes including drug trafficking, criminal damage, and fraud. Among those apprehended were also individuals involved in aiding or instigating youth crimes.

Supervisor Lui Lon-ching of the Anti-Triad Action Unit in Tseung Kwan O briefed on the operation, stating that the first phase involved gathering intelligence related to youth criminal activities within the area. In the second phase, based on the collected intelligence and analysis, a series of arrest operations were conducted. Throughout the operation, the police arrested 41 individuals, with 37 of them being under the age of 25. Among the arrested individuals were those involved in aiding or instigating youth crimes.

The police have observed that the consumption of marijuana has become a prevalent issue among young people in recent years. Furthermore, drug dealers openly exploit online social platforms as a medium for drug trafficking. To combat this, undercover officers posed as buyers and made purchases of marijuana through online platforms. As a result, three individuals suspected of selling dangerous drugs were arrested within the Tseung Kwan O area. Approximately 200 grams of marijuana buds and drug packaging tools were seized during the investigation.

Lui also pointed out that many young people, enticed by monetary rewards ranging from HK$1,000 to HK$3,000, have been selling their personal bank accounts, which are then exploited by fraud syndicates for money laundering and fraudulent activities. Some young people have been repeatedly arrested by the police due to their bank accounts being implicated in multiple fraud cases. Additionally, it was noted that illegal individuals on social platforms entice immature young people by offering quick money without any experience, leading them to engage in money collection activities. These young people easily fall into the trap and receive rewards of HK$500 to HK$1,000 per task, engaging in criminal acts such as splashing red paint. Four individuals suspected of orchestrating and planning such money collection activities were arrested during the operation.

Lui emphasised that the mentioned criminal activities are severe offences, and young people should not test the limits of the law. “Being young is never an excuse for committing crimes,” he urged, reminding young people not to jeopardise their future due to momentary greed. In addition to preventive arrests and prosecutions, the police have collaborated with the Hong Kong Youth Association to assist young people in getting back on the right track.