Police crack the largest cocaine trafficking case in HK worth HK$935 million, 3 arrested (Updated: 1pm)


4th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) The police found that a drug cartel had rented units in an industrial building and a private housing estate as drug warehouse and distribution centre. They took action on 2nd and 3rd April and arrested 2 men (19-25 years old) for “drug trafficking” in Sha Tin District. They were suspected of trafficking about 706 kilograms of suspected cocaine (with a market value of more than HK$935 million), and police cracked the largest ever cocaine trafficking case for Hong Kong law enforcement agencies.

In addition, the police also arrested a man (61 years old) in Sau Mau Ping District on 2nd April for “trafficking in drugs”. He was suspected of trafficking about 29.4 kg of suspected methamphetamine and suspected heroin, with a market value of about HK$15 million. Police officers conducted a press conference this morning at 11am to elaborate on the case.

A total of 3 men were arrested in the two cases. All of them have been charged with a crime of “trafficking in dangerous drugs”. The cases will be brought before Sha Tin Magistrates’ Courts tomorrow. Police had noticed a large amount of cocaine smuggled from overseas into Hong Kong. A man who was leaving was intercepted in the industrial building by police. The man was pushing a trolley at the time. There were 5 cartons on the trolley. The police later discovered that there were 150 cocaine bricks in the box, weighing 165 kilograms. The man was taken back to a unit in the industrial building for further searches. During the operation, the police seized another 450 bricks of suspected cocaine weighing 495 kilograms in the industrial unit, and seized multiple waterproof bags and nylon bags in the unit.

After investigation, the police suspected that some of the drugs had been transferred to other warehouses owned by the drug cartel. So early in the morning yesterday (3rd), the police sent officers to Kong Pui Street in Sha Tin to intercept a man outside a private residential building and seized 42 bricks of cocaine in the same package and weighing 46 kilograms in the rented unit.

As there was still moisture on the surface of the waterproof bag used to pack the drugs, the police believe that the drugs were only smuggled into the country for a few days. After being transported by the drug cartel from South America by ship to the waters near Hong Kong, the drugs were then unloaded to a speedboat. The drug cartel rented several units as warehouses to minimise the risk of detection. It is believed that the police operation successfully blocked a batch of cocaine from flowing into the local market. The total value of drugs seized during the operation was HK$935 million, which is the largest drug trafficking in Hong Kong in history.

It is understood that a man (25 years old) who claimed to be a part-time stage technician and another man (19 years old) who claimed to be a deliveryman were arrested in the case. Both have no triad background and are being detained for investigation. The police will trace the whereabouts of the remaining drugs and the mastermind.