Police condemn illegal siege by the protestors which severely affects their services to other civilians


22nd June 2019 – (Hong Kong) – At around 10.15am yesterday, protestors began to block areas around Harcourt Road, Arsenal Street and Gloucester Road. They then proceeded to besiege the police headquarters in Wan Chai. Police condemned their actions via a statement issued on their Facebook early this morning.

The actions of protestors severely affected police’s operations which included provision of emergency services to other civilians. Service at Wan Chai Police station was suspended at around 1.40pm yesterday. As at this morning, police couldn’t attend in time to around 60 emergency services made via 999 call. Police had to deployed alternative resources to handle the situation. The e-report room service was also suspended at around 11pm yesterday as staff were prevented from entering the office at the police headquarters.

There were a total of 9 female and 4 male police staff who felt unwell. They were delayed treatment at hospital because ambulance was prevented from entering the area around the police headquarters due to the street demonstration.

During the siege, the entrances to police headquarters were blocked by crowd control barriers and other objects. Eggs were hurled at the police headquarters, graffiti was spray painted on their exterior wall and masking tape was used to cover the CCTV cameras on perimeter walls. A police officer was splashed with petrol while one protestor used laser pointer to aim at the eyes of one police officer.

Picture source : Hong Kong Police
Eggs were hurled. Picture source : Hong Kong Police
Laser pointer was used by protestor. Picture source : Hong Kong Police
CCTV cameras were covered with masking tape.
A police officer was splashed with petrol when he was trying to remove barricades set up by protestors at 8.47pm

Police have been very tolerant towards the protestors by allowing them to express their demands but the situation went out of control and their actions became unreasonable and illegal. Police would pursue the case fully to seek justice.