Police arrive at CUHK campus after students wearing graduation gowns with provocative words argue with security guards


24th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Chinese University of Hong Kong held a graduation ceremony today (24th). In the afternoon, some graduates took the opportunity to protest by wearing homemade graduation gowns with provocative words near the Beacon on campus. Afterwards, security guards arrived at the scene suspected of having an altercation with the students present, and immediately surrounded the graduates involved and called the police.

At about 5.30pm, the police received a report and went to the university to investigate. It is reported that after an hour of commotion, the crowd dispersed. It is reported that some students took advantage of the graduation day to protest at the Beacon on campus. They wore graduation gowns made of black garbage bags and marked with words such as “qualified social animals” and “the last Student Union voters”. Students also held banner with caption “CUEX Sandpaper Exchange”. Someone at the scene distributed a special “graduation certificate” with the words “Congratulations on leaving this campus where you can only enter by using Vaccine Pass”

According to the University Community Daily, shortly after the protest started, security guards arrived at the scene at 4.30pm to stop and surround the graduates involved, including asking to show their student ID and other personal information. At around 5pm, the security guards had another arguments with other students in the venue. It is reported that foul language was involved. The security guard pointed out that the students might have committed a “crime of intimidation”, so he immediately surrounded the above-mentioned students and called the police. At 5.30pm, the police arrived at the scene to investigate and took down the students’ information. After a few minutes, they left with the security guards, and the nearby crowd gradually dispersed.