Police arrest two foreign suspects in connection with HK$1.1 million luggage theft


17th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong police have apprehended two individuals from overseas who are suspected of stealing three suitcases containing valuables worth over HK$1.1 million at the arrival hall of the airport. The thefts were reported by the victims, who were unable to locate their luggage upon arrival in February and early this month. Acting Chief Inspector Leung Hiu-man of the airport police district revealed that investigations revealed the suspects to be a 23-year-old man and woman who had made multiple entries into the city between February and June.

The police launched an investigation after two individuals, who arrived from overseas on June 4, reported their inability to retrieve their luggage from the baggage collection area. Through extensive examination of CCTV footage, law enforcement officers successfully identified the two alleged thieves. According to Inspector Leung, the investigation revealed that upon their arrival in the city, the suspects loitered around the baggage claim area and randomly targeted suitcases belonging to other travellers.

On Saturday, the police arrested the suspects and conducted several raids, resulting in the recovery of some stolen items. During the operation, officers also seized relevant receipts and mailing orders. The stolen suitcases contained valuables such as jewellery and designer-label clothing, totalling over HK$1.1 million. Inspector Leung stated that they were investigating whether the suspects were involved in other similar cases.

Superintendent Sum Ching-fun, the deputy airport commander, believed that the suspects stole luggage with the intention of profiting from the valuable contents. She urged other victims or individuals with information to contact the police at 3661 2036.

The arrested male suspect is facing charges of “conspiracy to commit theft,” while the female suspect has been charged with “theft” and “conspiracy to commit theft.” The case is scheduled to be heard at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts tomorrow.

The police emphasized that under Hong Kong law, a conviction for theft carries a maximum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment. Deputy Airport Commander Superintendent Sum Ching-fun advised passengers who lose their luggage or valuable items at the airport to contact the Airport Police at 3661 2036. She also recommended that passengers avoid carrying valuable items or consider storing them, and promptly collect their luggage upon arrival to minimise the risk of theft. The police are actively cooperating with the Airport Authority, airport security, and major airlines to reduce the incidence of theft.