Police arrest several people including Grandma Wong on the 34th anniversary of the 4th June incident in Causeway Bay


4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) On the 34th anniversary of the June 4th incident, which also marks the first June 4th after the implementation of the national security lawVictoria Park, where candlelight vigils were traditionally held, instead hosted a “Hometown Market” event this year.

As of around 5pm, at least one man and three women were taken away by the police in Causeway Bay, including the frequent protester known as “Grandma Wong,” two women wearing clothing with the words “Hong Kong Add Oil,” and a man holding the book “May 35th: Creative Writing, Memory, Resistance” outside MTR Causeway Bay station.

Meanwhile, the police enhanced security measures in Causeway Bay and both inside and outside Victoria Park, stationing a large number of police officers and deploying the anti-riot armoured vehicles imported from mainland China – dubbed “Saber-toothed Tigers” for precautionary measures.

Victoria Park soccer pitches was crowded with people attending the “Hometown Market Carnival.” Security checks were conducted before entry, and the location of the football field without any event was cordoned off with water-filled barricades to prevent citizens from entering. Police officers also patrolled inside Victoria Park, while outside, the Sugar Street was filled with parked police cars, tactics buses, and explosive handling vehicles for precautionary measures.

Police arrested several prominent activists, including Chan Po-ying, the leader of the League of Social Democrats, one of the last remaining opposition groups in the city. At least ten people being taken away by police, with Chan Po-ying, Alexandra Wong, former chairwoman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association Mak Yin-ting, and Leo Tang, a former leader of the now-disbanded Confederation of Trade Unions, among the most prominent figures detained.

Wong, who is 67 years old and is known as “Grandma Wong,” was carrying flowers when police surrounded her and escorted her away. Another young man dressed in black carrying a book titled “35th of May,” a covert reference to the June 4th incident in China, was also detained. A woman who was briefly questioned, searched, and then released shrugged said, “Everyone knows what day is today.” Later in the afternoon, the police blocked off part of the pedestrian area on Great George Street and ordered citizens and reporters to “return to the pedestrian path.” Several citizens were intercepted and taken away by the police, including the frequent protester known as “Grandma Wong” who was holding flowers. A woman wearing a Chickeeduck t-shirt commemorating the 4th June incident was also searched after playing the national anthem, and she was subsequently taken away by the police. A young man was carrying the book “A Concise History of Hong Kong” written by a University of Hong Kong scholar. Another man who attempted to enter Victoria Park was taken away by the police.During the police searches, a black-clad man was found with an electronic candle with the number “64” written on it, as well as a hand model in his bag. He was also taken away by the police. More than 16 people were arrested.

According to police, four people were arrested for “seditious” acts and “disorderly conduct” on Saturday, and another four were detained on suspicion of breaching the peace.