Police arrest four individuals for seditious acts and disorderly conduct in Causeway Bay ahead of 4th June  Tiananmen commemoration


4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Yesterday afternoon, the Hong Kong Police noticed a group of individuals displaying protest items with seditious wordings and chanting in the vicinity of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island. The group was also observed committing unlawful acts.

Upon investigation, the police arrested four individuals at the scene for disorderly conduct in public places and acts with seditious intention, respectively. Additionally, four individuals suspected of breaching public peace at the scene were taken to the police station for further investigation. Meanwhile, the suspects arrested include two local artists, Sanmu Chen and Chan Mei-tung. Activists Kwan Chun-pong and Lau Ka-yee were taken into custody for announcing their 24-hour hunger strike near the previous location of the candlelight vigil as a way to express their condolences for the victims.

The police are deeply concerned about individuals attempting to incite and provoke others to engage in illegal acts that endanger national security, public order, and public safety. The police will continue to increase patrols and gather intelligence, closely monitoring the situation in various districts, and working to prevent and combat crimes. It should be emphasised that the police will take swift and decisive enforcement actions against any illegal acts.

Meanwhile, sources report that approximately 6,000 officers will be deployed to patrol and safeguard key areas, including Victoria Park, the Central Government Offices, the liaison office, and other parts of the city on Sunday. It remains uncertain whether other activists will appear to mark the anniversary publicly.

The park, where the annual vigil was traditionally held, will be occupied by a pro-Beijing carnival commemorating Hong Kong’s handover to mainland China. The event is expected to feature a bazaar with food from various regions of China.