Police arrest 8 syndicate members involved in forging documents to apply for bank loan up to HK$950,000


26th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) The police received a report from a local bank in the first half of this month, stating that they had received 3 loan applications online last month and this month, requesting the bank to lend a total of HK$950,000, and the borrower also submitted a false bank statement during the application period. The applicant also showed that he was employed by 3 local companies. After intelligence analysis, the Kwun Tong Police District believed that a fraudulent syndicate had set up a shell company in Hong Kong, falsely claiming that the borrower was the manager of the company, and at the same time forged salary slips and bank statements to deceive banks into granting loans.

Police took action action on 24th May to arrest 8 men (aged 21 to 41) on suspicion of “conspiracy to defraud” in various districts in Hong Kong. Kwun Tong Police District Serious Crime Squad said that the arrested persons included the mastermind and two key members, while the rest were lender and applicants of shell companies, all of whom are on bail pending investigation. During the operation, the police also seized a batch of false documents, company seals, laptop computers and multiple mobile phones in an industrial building unit, all of which are believed to be related to the case. Police reminded that the banking industry should carefully verify the documents submitted by applicants when approving loans. The police will exchange information with the banking industry and relevant agencies, conduct active and in-depth investigations on suspicious cases, and bring criminal syndicate to justice.