Police arrest 5 protesters during airport siege, court injunction in force and flights rescheduled


14th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police announced that they arrested 5 people for illegal assembly, possession of offensive weapons, assault of police officers and disruption of public order during the second day of the airport occupation by protesters yesterday. They further condemned the violent behaviour demonstrated by radical protesters.

When police and paramedics arrived at the airport to escort the injured public security officer who was beaten and tied, protesters continuously showed hostility by flashing laser pointers and hurled objects at them. The baton of one police officer was illegally snatched and used to assault him. He had to wield his gun in the end to defend himself.

During the commotion yesterday, 2 police officers were reportedly injured. Police vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Meanwhile, Airport Authority announced that they have obtained injunction order against protesters. The injunction order prohibits anyone from disrupting or abusing the normal usage of the airport illegally or intentionally. It further restricts anyone from conducting protest or any gathering that may disrupt public order within the restricted areas. Only passengers, airport staff and security are allowed to enter. The injunction also prevents anyone from blocking passageways, exits or entrances within the airport premises.

Restricted access has been implemented in the airport today.

Hong Kong International Airport has implemented flight rescheduling today with flight movements expected to be affected. Passengers are reminded to pay attention to the latest flight information through the airport’s website and “HKG My Flight” mobile app.

Some netizens have accused Airport Authority of hiding actual flight status during the occupation yesterday. A passenger claimed that Flight CX261 that he could have taken took off to France according to Flight Radar yesterday. In addition, netizens also claimed that many cabin crew members were requested to depart as usual although many flights were shown as ‘CANCELLED’. The passenger believed that the cancellation announcement was to create a disillusion to outsiders but the planes continued to take off. He believed the reason behind was to do with insurance. If the flights were still flying but the passengers did not board, they would be regarded as “no show” and no insurance could be claimed.

Passenger claimed that the flight which he was supposed to take was not cancelled.

Sources also told the netizens that 50 minutes prior to the departure, the flight status was changed from “cancelled” to “ready to depart”.