Police arrest 42-year-old drug dealer and seize HK$20.8m worth of suspected heroin in Sai Kung


25th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) The carried out an anti-narcotics operation in the area of ​​Nam Wai Road in Sai Kung. A total of about 14.82 kilograms of suspected heroin with a market value of about HK$20.8 million were seized, and a man involved was arrested. The arrested person will be temporarily charged with two counts of “drug trafficking” and the case will be brought before the court tomorrow (26th). The police pointed out that the drug dealer used an old car that had been idle for a long time as a temporary drug warehouse, and called on the public to pay more attention to similar situations.

According to the information and after in-depth investigation, the Narcotics Investigation Division raided a village house unit on Nam Wai Road, Sai Kung at about 6pm yesterday evening. During the period, a man surnamed Cheng (42 years old) was subdued in the house and a total of about 10.26 kilograms of suspected heroin bricks were seized. Police later escorted the suspect to an open-air parking lot near his residence and searched his old private car parked there. Police found another 12 suspected heroin bricks weighing about 4.56 kilograms in the trunk of the car.