Police arrest 4 persons involved in online dating scams, total loss amounts to HK$420,000


20th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Cyber ​​Security and Technology Crime Investigation Bureau of the Police, together with the Wan Chai District Crime Squad, launched a joint arrest operation yesterday (19th) to crack down on a fraudulent syndicate involving in dating scams and naked chat extortion. Officers arrested two men and two women (19-36 years old) of the defrauding syndicate, including the mastermind, core members and proxy account holders. They were suspected of “extortion” and “obtaining property by deception”.

Police pointed out that the investigation revealed that the syndicate was involved in 18 online deception cases in various districts in Hong Kong, involving about HK$420,000, and the largest loss was about HK$120,000. From January 2020 to September 2021, the police received reports from 18 men, alleging that they fell into a scam after knowing the scammers through social media apps, and transferred the funds to the bank accounts controlled the scammers via “FPS”.

Wan Chai Police District Serious Crime Squad subsequently took over the investigation and launched an arrest operation yesterday, arresting the above-mentioned four persons, and seized two laptop computers, five mobile phones, eight bank ATM cards and credit cards. It is believed that the operation has dismantled the fraudulent syndicate involved. The 26-year-old mastermind is being detained for investigation, and the remaining three have been released on bail pending investigation. They must report to the police in late February. The police will seek legal advice from the Department of Justice.