Police arrest 4 more suspects in connection with car crash and wounding case near Kennedy Town Swimming Pool, 7 suspects arrested so far


27th September 2022 – (Hong Kong) A car crash and wounding case occurred in Kennedy Town on 21st September. After investigation, the police launched an arrest operation and nabbed five men, including the mastermind and key members. As of yesterday (26th), the police arrested four more men on suspicion of “possessing offensive weapons” and “possessing false documents”. Two of them were men who were arrested earlier and were released on bail pending further investigation. 7 suspects with triad background (aged 16 to 37) were arrested in total. The operation is still ongoing, and it is not ruled out that more people will be arrested .

At 10.49pm on 21st September, a man surnamed Wong (42 years old) was driving a private car along Shing Sai Road westbound, near the Kennedy Town swimming pool, when he was pursued by another private car behind. He then hit some trough planters on the pavement.

Several men in the private car behind immediately jumped out of the car and slashed Wong with knives. The victim was injured and abandoned his car before fleeing for about 20 meters, and hid in Belcher Bay Park to hide. A police officer happened to patrol the scene of the crime and found the private car stopped on the pavement with blood stains beside the car. He immediately followed the blood trail, and later found the injured Wong in the park. He was still conscious and was taken to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment by ambulance. .After the police learned about the incident, they blocked the area to search for evidence, and seized a license plate suspected to belong to the suspects’ private car. The police classified it as a “wounding” case. It is reported that the case involved a debt dispute between two triads.