Police arrest 31 during anti-illegal gambling operation in Tai Po


25th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) Police launched an anti-illegal gambling operation this afternoon (25th) and raided 2 illegal gambling stalls in the Tai Po district. A total of 4 electric mahjong tables, 8 mahjong sets and HK$1,500 in gambling money was seized. During the operation, police officers arrested a man surnamed Leung (64 years old) and another 73-year-old man suspected of “operating a gambling establishment”.

Meanwhile, 6 men and 7 women (47 to 78 years old) were suspected of gambling and were arrested. 4 local men aged between 69 and 79 were arrested for “illegal gambling in places or streets other than gambling establishments”, and a local man (35 years old) was arrested for “promoting or facilitating the taking of bets”.