Police arrest 14 terrorists, including high-profile targets, in Punjab province, Pakistan

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3rd December 2023 – (Islamabad) In a series of separate operations, the counter-terrorism department (CTD) of the police in Punjab province, Pakistan, successfully apprehended 14 terrorists, some of whom were high-profile targets.

The arrests took place after the CTD acted on credible intelligence reports regarding the presence of these terrorists in eight cities of the province. The operations were conducted swiftly and effectively, leading to the capture of the suspects. The CTD issued a statement on Saturday, providing details of the successful operations.

According to the statement, a total of 588 operations were launched across the country as part of the wider counter-terrorism efforts. These operations involved the questioning of approximately 25,000 individuals in order to gather crucial information.

Among the arrested terrorists were commanders affiliated with the banned extremist group Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The suspects have been transferred to undisclosed locations for further investigation, as authorities aim to dismantle the networks and gather intelligence to prevent future attacks.

In addition to the arrests, the police seized a significant amount of explosive material, weapons, ammunition, and hand grenades from the custody of the detained terrorists. This seizure highlights the potential threats that were posed by these individuals and underscores the importance of the successful operations in preventing possible attacks.

The CTD revealed that the high-profile targets belonging to the TTP had been planning to carry out attacks on sensitive installations in Lahore, the provincial capital city. By apprehending these individuals, law enforcement agencies have effectively neutralized a significant threat to public safety and security.

The successful operations conducted by the CTD and the subsequent arrests send a strong message to terrorist networks operating in the region. The authorities remain committed to ensuring the safety of the public and will continue to take proactive measures to confront and eliminate the threat of terrorism.

As investigations into the arrested individuals progress, it is expected that further details will emerge regarding their affiliations, networks, and potential involvement in past and planned attacks. The efforts of the CTD and other law enforcement agencies in Pakistan reflect the ongoing commitment to combating terrorism and maintaining peace and stability in the region.