Police are on standby in the event of clashes between Fujian triads and protesters while Caritas Community Centre and Chinese YMCA in Tsuen Wan close early ahead of attack


10th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After several attacks were carried out by mobs clad in white against protesters in Yuen Long, North Point and Tsuen Wan, there was a recent rumour that Fujian triads would again appear tonight and tomorrow to assault protesters in North Point and Tsuen Wan. On 8th August, our sources also revealed that the Fujian triad has joined forces with the local 14K triad, the second largest Triad group in the world with around 25,000 members to attack the protesters on this Sunday.

Caritas Community Centre in Tsuen Wan issued a notice on 8th August that they would suspend their service from 2pm onwards today after the rumour that the Fujian triads would carry out attacks. All classes, activities and library would be closed until tomorrow. The Centre has expressed that they would prioritise the safety of their members in the wake of the potential clash tonight.

Notice issued by Caritas Community Centre in Tsuen Wan on 8th August.

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Centre has also issued similar notice to suspend their service from 6pm today to prevent any untoward incidents caused by the triads.

Chiu Yan Loy, former assistant to pro-Beijing New People’s Party (NPP) expressed that he would meet up with the police to discuss the potential attack by the triads tonight and also tomorrow during the Hong Kong Island East street rally. In response to the issue, Senior Superintendent of Hong Kong Island Regional Headquarters, Ng stated in a media conference yesterday that police have received information about the potential attack tonight and tomorrow by the triads. After assessing the potential risks, police will allocate sufficient manpower to handle the situation in the event of any clash between the triad members and protesters tonight or tomorrow.