Police are allegedly in cahoots with violent mob during the Yuen Long bloodbath as the use of force in Sheung Wan is comparatively disproportionate


22nd July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Many quarters have accused police that they were in cahoots with triad members in the Yuen Long Bloodbath yesterday because the use of force in Sheung Wan earlier was comparatively disproportionate.

Police fired rubber bullets at protestors.

36 rubber bullets were shot at protestors while several rounds of tear gas were fired. Police raised black flag and orange flag during the stand off.

Meanwhile in Yuen Long, two police officers left Yuen Long MTR Station after seeing hundreds of men in white with arms assaulting civilians. Many innocent civilians were harmed in the commotion including a pregnant woman and TVB reporter.

Netizens also claimed that the emergency number, 999 was engaged yesterday evening and Tin Shui Wai police station was closed to prevent civilians to file police reports.

999 emergency number was engaged
A civilian knelt down to beg the men in white not to hurt the innocent people anymore.

The violent continued to assault civilians and others dressed in black with mercy and even cars around the area were hit with iron bars.

Vehicles were being damaged by the violent mob in Yuen Long

Riot police were accused of adopting a different attitude towards the violent mob in white. The police officers merely pushed them aside instead of dispersing them with rounds of tear gas and rubber bullets.

Men in white were merely pushed and warned by riot police

Police Public Relations Branch spokesperson, Tse expressed on radio interview that in the wake of the bloodbath in Yuen Long, police almost exhausted their resources after protestors turned violent in Sheung Wan. Many threw molotov cocktails at the riot police in front of Beijing Liaison Office in Sai Yin Pun. Police officers from New Territories were deployed to provide support but Tse emphasised that they eventually sent police force from New Territories to Yuen Long to back up.

Meanwhile, he categorically denied the allegation that police colluded with triads in the Yuen Long incident. He insisted that police would not collaborate with any triad members despite the fact that no one was arrested on the same day in Yuen Long.

He reiterated that the violent incident in Yuen Long was an open challenge to the police force and they would gather sufficient evidence to make appropriate arrest. Police received the first report at 10.45pm with regards to the clash at Yuen Long MTR Station and they immediately sent 2 police officers to the station.

The two police officers then asked for support after seeing hundreds of people in white with weapons attacking civilians. Back up force only arrived at 11.20pm.

Tse further defended the actions of the two police officers who left immediately after witnessing the violent incident at Yuen Long MTR Station. He said that due to the massive clashes in the past, they had to take precautionary measures by prioritising their own safety. They had to leave the scene to call for more back-up before handling the situation.