Police approve anti-extradition march in Kowloon from Salisbury Garden to West Kowloon Station


5th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) The Kowloon District anti-extradition march scheduled to start from Salisbury Garden in TST at 3.30pm on this coming Sunday has been approved by police today.

The organisers have also advertised the march in local newspapers to call upon more people to join in.

Advertisement in local newspapers.
Advertisement in local newspapers.

The original route from Salisbury Garden via Canton Road to West Kowloon Station has been rejected by police due to safety concerns. The proposed route has been changed to start from Salisbury Garden and Kowloon Park via TST Fire Station before turning into Canton Road. The protestors can then walk from Austin Road towards West Kowloon Station.

Organisers expressed that some protestors may promote the anti-extradition ideology to tourists near Canton Road. The march will end at West Kowloon Station with no further plans.