Police announce that there was a total 28,000 people who take part in the march in Sha Tin while 5,000 protestors take over Yuen Wo Road at 7.30pm


14th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police announced that there was a total of 28,000 protestors who participated in the march. At around 7.30pm today, at least 5,000 protestors took over Yuen Wo Road, riot police eventually moved into the area to remove road barriers set up by the protestors. Police deployed pepper spray during the stand off.

Many police vehicles were seen outside New Town Plaza.

Protestors gradually moved towards Shatin Town Hall at 7.45pm.

Hong Kong Jockey Club Swimming Pool, Yuen Wo Road Sports Centre and Sha Tin Jockey Club Public Squash Courts were closed to public at 8.10pm.