Police and various govt dept officers arrive at HK Coliseum to gather more evidence on MIRROR concert accident


6th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) On the 28th of last month, a giant LED screen crushed 2 dancers during MIRROR concert. The performance was immediately suspended. After the accident, different government departments have visited the site for investigation in the past few days.

 Divisional Commander Alan Chung Nga-Lun from Kowloon West Regional Police Headquarters led about 20 DCS officers to the scene at about 10 o’clock this morning (6th). Staff of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Labour Department and the Government Laboratory also entered the Hong Kong Coliseum to search for evidence. It is understood that a high-altitude lifting platform has been set up inside the Hong Kong Coliseum. Experts will use the lifting platform to inspect the higher position of the stage to gather further evidence.

The representatives of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers invited by the working group also arrived at the Hong Kong Coliseum in the morning.

Several members including Anson Lo, CEO of MakerVille, dancers have gone to the West Kowloon Police Headquarters to assist in the investigation and record statements. The manager of MIRROR, Ahfa Wong Wai Kwan has even been to the police station twice.