Police address three separate bomb incidents in the last two days, the remote-controlled bomb that went off at Shenzhen Bay Control Point was deadly


28th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Chief Superintendent of Organised Crime and Triad Bureau, Li expressed at 6.20pm today that there were 3 cases of explosions in Hong Kong in the last two days. The first homemade bomb went off in the men’s toilet in Caritas Medical Centre in Cheung Sha Wan at 2.30am on 27th January. The second case occurred at 10.20pm yesterday where a bomb went off in a toilet on Jordan Road.

The third case involved a bomb which went off in a garbage bin near the men’s toilet at Shenzhen Bay Control Point. Explosive Ordnance Disposal  squad confirmed that the bomb was set off using a remote control. At 4pm, the affected area at Shenzhen Bay Control Point was re-opened to public. Police were of the opinion that the first two cases were similar but the third case was different as it involved a remote-controlled bomb with high explosiveness that can kill someone. Fortunately, none of the three incidents resulted in casualties. Police have yet to lock down on the suspect(s). He urged the suspect(s) not to create chaos during this critical time. It is unknown at this time whether the case was committed by the same group of people, or whether someone has imitated the crime as a “copy cat”.

Someone posted on a Telegram group to claim responsibility for the homemade bomb that went off inside the men’s toilet of Caritas Medical Centre recently. The person threatened to place another bomb if medical staff fail to go on strike and if the government does not close off the border between Hong Kong and China immediately. Police are trying to establish if these two cases are connected.

Message posted on Telegram.
Message posted on Telegram.

At around 2pm today, another person again claimed responsibility for the bomb found at Shenzhen Bay Control Point. The person urged the government to seal off all borders, failing which, they will commence destruction on major roads and railways in China. The person also expressed his utmost support for the medical personnel. Police are currently investigating the claims.