Police accused of luring and trapping protestors inside New Town Plaza, Sha Tin


15th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) A protestor, Eric Siu who was present at the violent stand off in Sha Tin yesterday uncovered a deadlock trap created riot police.

Eric Siu, one of the protestors yesterday posted the ordeal in New Town Plaza yesterday.

At around 8pm, both protestors and riot police reached a compromise whereby protestors would cease to charge on while police officers would not move forward to disperse them.

Just as the protestors retreated gradually from Yuen Wo Road towards New Town Plaza before leaving via Sha Tin MTR Station inside the mall, many police officers continued to urge them to leave as soon as possible so that they could also call off further action.

While protestors followed the instructions of police officers to leave via Sha Tin MTR Station, the roller shutters at all the exits of Sha Tin MTR Station inside New Town Plaza were closed (Read here). Many protestors had no choice and they were forced to go into the mall concourse instead. Despite repetitive requests by protestors to leave via Sha Tin MTR Station, police officers simply ignored them.

Netizen did an illustration to show how protestors were besieged by riot police yesterday in New Town Plaza.
Police officers allegedly stood in a line to block protestors from leaving via Sha Tin MTR Station.

After being trapped for over 30 minutes, more riot police stormed into the mall and took the protestors by surprise. Many protestors and passerby were allegedly assaulted by police officers as they were stranded inside the mall. Simultaneously, police officers who were blocking the multiple exits of Sha Tin MTR Stations also moved forward into the concourse to besiege protestors, resulting in a stampede and injuries due to violent clashes.

Police have not responded to the protestors’ accusation of creating a deadlock trap within New Town Plaza yesterday.

At around 8.40pm yesterday, police officers blocked off Sha Tin MTR Exit A