Pocari Sweat sings the same tune with protestors to stimulate sales ahead of street protests


10th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) After Pocari Sweat, a popular Japanese sports drink withdrew their advertisements placements from TVB broadcasts station yesterday, netizens have started to show immense support for the isotonic drink.

What is an isotonic drink?

Isotonic drink typically contains water, electrolytes (minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium) as well as carbohydrates (sugars such as glucose and fructose) and is originally used by athletes to replenish the water, electrolytes and energy lost when they exercise, or “sweat”.

Hence, Pocari Sweat probably sang the same tune with the protestors to stimulate their sales as protestors will need a lot of liquid to replenish their energy during the upcoming street demonstrations. The extreme weather conditions will also make the refreshing drink the number one choice for protestors especially if they are served iced cold.

Many protestors have started to stock up purchases ahead of the protests this weekend as Pocari Sweat has become the unofficial drink for them.