Plaza Hollywood suspends promotions for one week and citizens pay tribute with flowers after brutal murder


3rd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Yesterday at 5.14pm, a horrific murder occurred at Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill, Hong Kong. A 39-year-old bald man named Szeto, who had a history of mental illness, purchased a knife from a home furnishing store and wandered around the mall for a few minutes before attacking two unknown women with the knife. The attack resulted in the death of 26-year-old Fong Hiu-tung and 22-year-old Lau Kai-hei. On the morning of 3rd June, local reporters arrived at Plaza Hollywood to investigate the situation.

As it was still early, most of the shops in the mall were not yet open, and there were few people around, making the scene quite desolate. However, at the corner of two walls on the third floor, where the incident occurred, multiple bouquets of white flowers had been placed in remembrance of the two victims. The mall is fully cooperating with law enforcement agencies in their investigation and will provide psychological support services to mall employees and tenants. Furthermore, the mall will suspend promotional activities for one week starting from today (3rd June).