Plaza Hollywood murder case: Deceased’s mother receives daughter’s death news during birthday banquet and wishes to confront the suspect why he did it

Fong Hiu-tung (26) (left) and Lau kai-hei (22) (right) were a couple.

3rd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Tragedy struck at Diamond Hill’s Plaza Hollywood on 2nd July, as a 39-year-old man with a history of mental illness purchased a deadly knife from a home goods store and attacked two unsuspecting women, Fong Hiu-tung (26) and Lau kai-hei (22), who ultimately died from their injuries. The police investigation suggests that the suspect did not know the victims and had no prior interaction with them.

Fong Hiu-tung had plans to celebrate her grandfather’s 90th birthday with her family that evening, but her life was tragically cut short. Her mother received the devastating news of her daughter’s death during the family dinner. She bravely held back her grief to avoid upsetting her elderly parents and rushed to the hospital after the meal. She expressed her desire to confront the suspect face to face and ask him why he did this to her daughter.

Fong Hiu-tung and Lau kai-hei had been dating for over a month and planned to celebrate Fong’s grandfather’s birthday at a restaurant in Ping Shek Estate. Fong informed her mother that she had finished work and would arrive at Ping Shek Estate at 7pm. Unfortunately, they never made it to the restaurant and were attacked at Plaza Hollywood.

Fong Hiu-tung was a caring and filial daughter who contributed thousands of dollars to her family every month. She had a younger sister and had recently moved out of their Choi Hung Estate residence to live with her friend. Her mother was unaware of her daughter’s relationship with Lau kai-hei.

The suspect’s mental illness history has raised questions about the state of mental healthcare in Hong Kong. Fong’s mother questioned why the government would release someone with a history of mental illness into the community. She also expressed her desire to confront the suspect in person and ask him why he did it.

The two were immediately rushed to United Christian Hospital for treatment after the incident, but unfortunately, both women were pronounced dead at 6.06 pm and 6.47pm, respectively.