PLA warships continue to cross the median line in Taiwan Strait while Taiwanese Navy beefs up 24-hour surveillance and engages in munitions loading exercise

The Haifeng Brigade of the Taiwan Navy rehearsed the missile loading operation.

7th August 2022 – (Taipei) Mainland China recently protested against US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and launched military exercises including live-fire drills in the waters surrounding Taiwan. A total of about 10 warships from both sides of the Taiwan Strait continued to traverse the median line of the Taiwan Strait on Sunday (7th).

The Taiwan Navy officers quickly completed the missile loading operation.

Taiwan’s military news agency said on Sunday that in response to the recent intimidation of the People’s Liberation Army’s military exercises around the Taiwan Strait and the continuous intrusion of ships and planes into the Taiwan sea and airspace, the officers and soldiers of the Navy’s Haifeng Brigade stepped up their 24-hour vigilance. Anti-ship missiles are on standby to track and target, and closely monitor the surrounding conditions and military dynamics of the Taiwan Strait.

The Taiwan Naval Command stated that naval officers and soldiers “will uphold their usual solid training results, respond to challenges with a calm and calm attitude, and use various types of equipment such as shore-based missiles to respond appropriately to ensure regional peace and stability and safeguard the safety of Taiwanese citizens”.

Taiwan also released a 27-second video of the ROCS Kee Lung, a guided-missile destroyer monitoring PLA warships in the eastern waters last Saturday (6th), and said that the Taiwanese army is closely monitoring the situation round-the-clock.

Chinese technology company Stonehenge released a satellite image on Saturday, which captured the PLA 052D guided missile destroyer Nanjing in the waters near Hualien at 10am on Friday (5th). The straight-line distance of the chimney of the Hoping power plant at Hualien County is only about 11.78 kilometres, which means that the ship enters within 12 nautical miles of Taiwan, that is also the width of the “territorial sea” recognised by Taiwan.