PLA troops and Hong Kong Garrison conduct joint naval and air patrol exercises to intercept suspicious vessels


25th September 2020 – (Hong Kong) A number of Hong Kong residents have attempted to escape from Hong Kong to Taiwan on sea later. Among them, 12 Hong Kong residents who were involved in criminal cases were intercepted by the Guangdong Coast Guard when they were involved in attempt to escape Taiwan at the end of last month. They are now being detained in Shenzhen Yantian Detention Centre.

The PLA troops stationed in Hong Kong conducted joint naval and air patrol exercises today (25th), and through close tracking and cooperation between ships and aircraft, they completed the task of intercepting and verifying “suspicious vessels.” From the video released, it can be seen that the Hong Kong Garrison organised joint exercises, including the joint search and rescue and confrontation exercises conducted by the armed forces. In addition, the task force completed the interception of suspicious ships through close cooperation between vessels and aircraft. In addition, the mainland official media published a commentary saying that 12 Hong Kong residents were arrested for illegally entering the waters under the jurisdiction of the mainland and suspected of committing the crime of illegally crossing the border in the mainland. The facts of the crime are solid and the applicable laws are clear. They should be governed and handled in accordance with relevant mainland laws.

Under the manipulation of Hong Kong opposition legislators, the incident was wildly distorted and hyped, and all kinds of statements made have produced extremely damaging social effects.