PLA carries out simulated attack on island of Taiwan, many Chinese warships tracked

PLA released a photo of its vessel in Taiwan Strait.

7th August 2022 – (Taipei) The large-scale military exercise and live-fire drills by PLA around Taiwan entered its fourth day on Sunday (7th). In addition to naval vessels, drones have also been deployed to intrude on the outer islands. The Eastern Theatre Command of the PLA continued to conduct practical joint exercises in the sea and airspace around Taiwan Island as planned on Sunday, focusing on testing the capabilities of joint firepower to ground strikes and long-range air strikes.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence stated that for the PLA military exercise, the Taiwan military used the joint intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system to closely monitor the situation of the enemy, and dispatched ships and aircraft to respond appropriately. In addition to continuously monitoring the movements of the PLA, the Taiwan military has also strengthened its combat readiness and training.

F5E, F5F and other fighter jets took off from Chihhang Air Base, also known as Taitung Air Force Base on Sunday morning for training and to strengthen the combat readiness task. Taiwan’s premier Su Tseng-chang attended the groundbreaking ceremony of Kaohsiung Nanzih Technology Industrial Park on Sunday. When asked about the PLA’s recent military exercise in Taiwan, he said that the mainland has arbitrarily used military operations to disrupt regional peace and stability. He added, “Liberty-loving and democratic countries including the United States have strongly condemned its action, calling on the mainland not to rely on military force to hinder regional peace.”

Meanwhile, seven U.S. reconnaissance planes, including a U-2, and six tankers were detected flying in the vicinity of Taiwan yesterday. Beijing-based think-tank, the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI), tweeted that one U.S. Air Force (USAF) Boeing RC-135S Cobra Ball measurement and signature intelligence aircraft, one USAF RC-135V Rivet Joint electronic surveillance aircraft, three U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon patrol and reconnaissance aircraft, one USAF Boeing E-3G Sentry airborne early warning and control aircraft, and one Lockheed U-2S high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, were in flight near Taiwan.