Pioneer of early childhood education in HK, Dr Angela Chiu Kwan-hung sued over HK$12m by finance company

Dr Angela Chiu Kwan-hung

29th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Dr Angela Chiu Kwan-hung, a former YW Kindergarten teacher, founder of Creative Kindergarten and pioneer of early childhood education in Hong Kong, was taken to the High Court by a finance company yesterday (28th).

The company claimed that Dr Chiu and her son had borrowed money from them but had failed to repay part of the loan and interest, and are now seeking a total of over HK$12.175 million. The company is also requesting that the court order the defendants to pay the relevant interest and litigation costs. The plaintiff in the case is Wealthy Link Finance Limited, and the defendant is Dr Angela Chiu Kwan-hung.

According to the plaintiff’s claim, Dr Chiu and her son Luk Wing-Kei had reached multiple loan agreements with the plaintiff between 2019 and 2021. After the plaintiff lent the money, Dr Chiu had also paid interest of over HK$1.09 million and HK$43,900 in December 2021 and January last year respectively. However, the defendants did not repay the loan and interest in accordance with the terms of the contract, and the plaintiff had sent several lawyer’s letters requesting repayment since 2021.

The plaintiff claimed that Luk Wing-Kei was declared bankrupt by the court on November 1, 2022, and because of the breach of the agreement, the plaintiff had sent lawyer’s letters requesting repayment of the principal and interest totaling HK$12.175 million in April last year and this month, but to no avail. Therefore, the plaintiff has filed a lawsuit seeking a court order for the defendants to repay the loan. Records show that Dr Chiu Kwan-hung Angela and her family were also taken to court by three other financial companies in April 2020, seeking to recover HK$84.24 million in debt. At the time, these finance companies claimed that Luk had used his property at Jardine Terrace as collateral, but Luk refused to vacate the unit because he believed the appraisal was too low, and a court order was eventually issued for him to vacate the unit.