Pinnacle of two-dish rice craze: Central’s elite flock to purchase, despite steep price


29th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s love affair with two-dish rice shows no signs of waning as the trend continues to evolve, offering an ever-expanding array of options for locals. Renowned “travel guru” and writer Akio Hong recently took to social media to share his discovery of a restaurant in Central, where two-dish rice is priced at HK$75 and yet continues to attract long queues.

The restaurant, situated in the Central area, has become a hotspot for both local elites and expatriates working in the vicinity. Hong, who visited the establishment, highly praised its offering as “arguably the most exquisite two-dish rice available.” His endorsement sparked a heated discussion among netizens.

In his Facebook post, Hong described his experience at the restaurant located in the International Finance Centre Two in Central. Despite the price tag of HK$75 for two-dish rice and HK$85 for three-dish rice, the eatery remained packed with customers, forming lengthy queues. According to Hong, those patiently waiting in line were predominantly “Central elites,” including a significant number of foreign expatriates and office workers. The selection of dishes on offer included a variety of vegetables and meats, along with an assortment of delectable sauces.

Numerous netizens who saw Hong’s post expressed their admiration for the restaurant’s fresh and high-quality ingredients. They also argued that, given its prime location in the financial district of Central, HK$75 for two-dish rice was not exorbitant. Comments poured in, stating, “There are plenty of two-dish rice options in Central that cost over HK$100, and this is just one of them,” “This restaurant offers a two-dish rice with a stunning harbour view,” “The fact that even foreigners are queuing up is indicative of its premium status,” and “In this area, HK$75 is reasonable, especially if the taste is good and there’s a wide selection of dishes to choose from, allowing for a diverse dining experience.”