Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery cum Heritage Trail in Yuen Long


17th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Not travelling during the Lunar New Year? Why don’t you pay a visit to the Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery in Yuen Long?

The Ping Shan Tang Gallery (Free Entry) is an attraction featured as part of the Ping Shan Heritage Trail in Yuen Long. This is the former Ping Shan Police Station built in 1900 and situated upon the hill overlooking the area villages.

The former police station was converted into a museum and opened to the public in 2007, providing an ample opportunity for visitors to learn more about the history of the local villages as well as the heritage buildings included in the Ping Shan Tang Heritage Trail.

In addition to the buildings late 20th-century colonial architecture, there are some interesting things to see inside the Ping Shan Tang Gallery. The indoor area includes 4 small rooms with a handful of artefacts and items of interest from the old villages.

Behind this main building are two detached buildings which include 6 small galleries, displaying a variety of old photos, images and information regarding local heritage buildings, customs and festivities. Collectively, you can spend 20-30 minutes viewing the museum items and gallery rooms.

Overall, the museum is a nice way to finish the Ping Shan Heritage Trail. You can start with the Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda and then make your way past the rest of the historic attractions before ending here at the gallery. Best to have a map with you as it can be a bit tricky to find a few of the sites if you haven’t visited before.

The Antiquities and Monuments Office announced today that the opening arrangements for the Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery cum Heritage Trail Visitors Centre during the Lunar New Year holidays as follows:

January 24 (Lunar New Year’s Eve)
Opening hours: 10am to 5pm.

January 25 and 26 (the first two days of the Lunar New Year)

January 27 and 28 (the third and fourth day of the Lunar New Year)
Opening hours: 10am to 5pm

Ping Shan Tang Clan Gallery cum Heritage Trail Visitors Centre will open as usual from the fifth day of the Lunar New Year (January 29).