Pilots of China Airlines go on strike, 28 flights are cancelled including 6 between Taiwan/Hong Kong


Pilot union at China Airlines (CAL) has called a strike after talks with the management of Taiwan’s largest carrier had broken down. The union announced before Chinese New Year that it was restarting procedures to strike over the airline’s failure to respond to its complaints about overtime and fatigue. In a press release on Thursday, the Pilots Union Taoyuan said attempts to ask CAL to address the problem through the Ministry of Transportation had generated no positive results.

A total of 28 flights are affected by the strike today and tomorrow with 6 flights between Hong Kong and Taiwan i.e. CI-833/934, 0915/0916/ CI-0921 and 0922 (Scheduled for Tomorrow)

China airlines’ spokesperson has set up an emergency unit to reduce the impact of the strike on passengers. Remaining manpower will be deployed efficiently to minimise inconvenience caused to passengers. Flight tickets will be refundable without charges if no alternative flights are available.

Passengers could be seen stuck at the China Airlines check-in counter this morning at Hong Kong International Airport. Picture credit : Apple Daily

Flight from Hong Kong to Kaoshiung, Taiwan this morning at 10.20am was cancelled causing 100 people to be stuck in a queue.