Pilot impersonator writes random WhatsApp messages to HK woman who responds with Legislative Councillor Regina Ip’s photos


17th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) Some netizens shared multiple screenshots of WhatsApp conversations in an online forum recently showing random messages from a foreign man claiming to be a pilot who is based in London. The man who claimed his name is “Frank Wisdom” then sent a number of pictures of a purported foreign pilot but the woman who received the photos noticed something was amiss and decided to teach him a lesson by sending pictures of someone else and the ‘someone else’ happened to be the 70-year-old Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, a member of the Executive Council and Legislative Council of Hong Kong. Instead of stopping to respond, the man said, “Wow you look so beautiful”. Many netizens were amused by his response as he was obviously attracted by Regina Ip’s youthful looks.

When the man began his conversation, he said that he was trying to contact his friend in Hong Kong before he accidentally sent the message to the woman. The woman then claimed that she was ‘divorced and had no children at the age of 40’ and said “I hope you won’t mind”. The “pilot” couldn’t help but exclaimed and replied “I love it”.

Regina Ip likes to post her youthful pictures on her Facebook page.