Picture of motorcycle being hoisted into lift of a public housing estate goes viral


28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A photograph depicting the unlikely scene of an electric motorcycle being hoisted into a lift has left netizens flabbergasted. The motorcycle, held aloft with only its rear tyre in contact with the lift floor, seemingly emulates a stunt performer executing a wheelie, reaching an estimated height of 80% of the lift’s door.

The lift, as discerned from the photograph, appears to be situated within a public housing estate, not particularly spacious. Once the motorcycle was shoe-horned into it, there was little room to spare. Two individuals were depicted in the lift with the motorcycle. A man clad in a black windbreaker and jeans was seen on the left side, steadying the motorcycle to prevent it from toppling. The other person, stationed on the right side, was almost entirely obscured by the front wheel of the motorcycle, seemingly in the process of pressing the lift buttons.

The Herculean strength demonstrated by the individuals lifting the motorcycle into the lift is nothing short of awe-inspiring. However, the purpose behind this audacious act remains enigmatic. Even if they successfully manage to squeeze the motorcycle into the lift, there is unlikely to be any parking space available upon reaching their floor.

The issue of insufficient motorcycle parking spaces in Hong Kong has been a long-standing concern. Many parking spaces are consistently occupied by “vehicles with expired licenses”, exacerbating the already severe shortage of parking spaces. This peculiar act raises the question, could the motorcycle owners have resorted to such extreme measures to avoid getting a parking ticket, daringly deciding to park their motorcycle at their doorstep?