Picture of local ethnic minority group waiting to break fast in Sham Shui Po goes viral


1st April 2023 – (Hong Kong) A picture of a local ethnic minority group waiting to break fast during the month of Ramadan in Sham Shui Po has gone viral on social media. The heartwarming image shows members of the community gathered on the street, patiently waiting to end their daily fast with a communal meal.

However, the image has also sparked criticism from some ignorant netizens who criticised the group for having a ‘party’ on the street without understanding the culture of Muslims during the month of Ramadan. This misunderstanding of Muslim culture is unfortunately not uncommon, and highlights the importance of education and awareness-raising about different cultures and beliefs.

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims fast from dawn to sunset each day. The fast is broken each evening with a communal meal, known as iftar. This meal is an important time for families and communities to come together, share food and give thanks.

The ethnic minority group in the photo is likely part of Hong Kong’s Muslim community, which has been growing in recent years. Despite the challenges of living as a minority in a predominantly non-Muslim society, the community has maintained its rich cultural heritage and traditions.