Photo of murder suspect of 63-year-old woman at Kwai Fong Terrace exposed online (Updated: 8.30am)


17th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) On 14th March, a murder case shook the residents of Kwai Fong Terrace in Kwai Tsing District. 63-year-old Leung was returning home when she allegedly caught a burglar in the act. The thief then attacked her with a crowbar, causing severe head injuries and leading to her death. The perpetrator was reportedly brutal and caused multiple fractures and extensive bleeding. The police believe that the suspect was an acquaintance of the victim and have identified him as a resident of the same floor.

Described as a young, slim, and handsome individual with tattoos on his arms, the suspect had been a familiar face in the building where the crime occurred. Law enforcement officials have been conducting door-to-door interviews with residents in the building, but the suspect remains elusive. Many residents have expressed their suspicions that the suspect is responsible for the crime, and their confidence in law enforcement’s ability to solve the case has been shaken.

The suspect, Deran Ng, was the close friend of the neighbour’s daughter and acquainted with the deceased. It has also been revealed that Deran did not pay any rent since he moved into the Kwan Chung Terrace flat belonging to the female friend’s family in April 2020, despite claiming to have contributed towards the rent. He also reportedly had a girlfriend whom he met at an illegal Texas Hold’em poker establishment, where he falsely claimed to be an accountant earning a monthly salary of HK$40,000. Deran had also lied to his girlfriend that the flat in Kwai Fong Terrace was co-owned by his family, and that the woman he lived with was his aunt. Before the incident was exposed, he had fled to Japan, and a picture suspected to be the Deran had circulated online.

According to sources, the suspect knew the neighbour’s daughter of the deceased and became friends through social media. The suspect was suspected to be addicted to gambling, which led to debts and caused rifts with his friends and family. In early 2020, he sought refuge at the apartment of his female friend in Kwai Fong Terrace to evade his creditors. Some neighbours heard him answering calls from collection companies in the hallway, causing panic among residents. When the neighbour’s daughter went abroad to study, the suspect continued to live in her apartment. Because the deceased had a good relationship with her neighbour, the suspect’s female friend, the victim had entrusted her spare keys to her neighbour to prevent her from losing them, which ultimately led to her tragedy.

According to local media reports, the suspect attended a boys’ school in the Tsuen Wan district during his secondary education. He was known for his positive personality and held the position of class monitor. His goal was to attend university, but his character took a 180-degree turn after graduating, possibly due to unsatisfactory DSE exam results. He dropped out of the Hang Seng University after only one year of study.

Around 2017, he frequently borrowed money and sought accommodation from his classmates. He claimed to have a strained relationship with his family and was kicked out of his home for not repaying borrowed money. His behaviour resulted in his friends distancing themselves from him.

During the 2019 anti-extradition bill protests, Ng claimed that he would study in Canada and was subsequently kicked out of his home when he returned to Hong Kong for the holidays. In 2020, someone posted a message online, accompanied by screenshots of conversations with Ng. The post claimed that Ng had falsely claimed to be a wealthy second-generation immigrant to Canada and had been kicked out of his home after a quarrel with his mother. He returned to Hong Kong to support himself but became unemployed and borrowed money from others. The post also included records of money transfers.

After dropping out of university, Ng became addicted to gambling. At the time, his father was suffering from cancer, and the family’s savings were meant to pay for his treatment. However, Ng had racked up over HK$200,000 in gambling debts, resulting in debt collectors coming to the family’s door. Despite this, he continued to gamble and even stole money meant for his father’s medical bills. Eventually, his mother had enough and kicked him out of the house. Since 2019, she has had no contact with him.

Meanwhile, the police have confirmed that the suspect is still at large and may be hiding in Japan. The police are now coordinating with Interpol to apprehend him.