Photo featuring Cantopop singer Pakho Chau and jailed Joshua Wong causes online furore


    24th December 2020 – (Hong Kong) Recently, it has been circulating online that Cantopop singer, Pakho Chau took a group photo with the former Demosisto Secretary-General Joshua Wong in his early years, causing heated discussion among online netizens. Chau pointed out that the photo was taken in 2014 at the end of his concert. Many guests took friends backstage and took photos with the singer. He said that he didn’t know Joshua Wong at the time and didn’t know his political background, but as a singer, he would respect the guests and he agreed to take photos with the fans. He didn’t expect it to cause any misunderstanding.

    When Chau was interviewed by veteran actor and host, Natalis Chan on Joshua’s call for foreign sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials, Chau emphasised that he did not agree with Wong’s ideas and practices. He gave an analogy by saying that it’s nonsensical for someone to ask another person to attack his mother even if they are having an argument. The point is to reconcile with his mother and do what a filial son should do. He made it clear that he opposed all forms of illegal violence during the protests.

    In addition, Chau posted a post on his Facebook on 17th December, expressing his gratitude for being a Chinese, which immediately sparked another round of heated discussion on the Internet. He said: “I am grateful for being a Chinese. It is my true feeling in my heart. All the way, everyone has misunderstood my political position, but as a singer, the biggest motivation is to hope to spread more positive energy through my songs and bring joy to everyone. Chau pointed out that in the past ten years, he has been to many cities in the Mainland and realised that the country has developed very rapidly. He pointed out that some young people in Hong Kong may not have a good understanding of the development of the Mainland in the past ten years, causing many misunderstandings. As Chinese Hong Kong people, they should not disrupt their homeland.