Phillips & K11 MUSEA present Ash & Pyrite Eroded Porsche by Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham Ash & Pyrite Eroded Porsche, 2019 Volcanic ash, pyrite, selenite, hydrostone

29th April 2020 – (Hong Kong) Phillips auction house, in collaboration with K11 MUSEA, presents Ash & Pyrite Eroded Porsche by American artist Daniel Arsham; an artwork revealed to the public for the first time in Hong Kong, from 30th April to 3rd May 2020. Phillips is a leading auction house with dedicated expertise in 20th Century and Contemporary Art, and K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture, is an all-time pioneer in enriching new consumers’ daily lives through the power of creativity, culture and innovation in its cultural retail space. The inaugural showcase of Phillips’ partnership with K11 MUSEA will invite people to appreciate the artistic interpretation of the Porsche 911 by one of today’s most sought-after artists.

Daniel Arsham has created a universe of the future – one that traverses the boundaries of archaeology, decay and the passage of time. Pursuing an ongoing ‘inquiry into the fate of humanity’, which began with his iconic ‘Future Relics’ series, Arsham re-imagines everyday objects as artefacts unearthed in a futuristic geological dig, years of material damage from the elements captured in ghostly, intricately crytallised erosions. Arsham has explored this concept through collaborations with global lifestyle brands including Rimowa, Dior, Adidas, Pokémon, Uniqlo and many others, highlighting him as one of the hottest names in fashion right now. 

Working with Porsche was a childhood dream for Arsham and with Ash & Pyrite Eroded Porsche, the artist pays tribute to one of the most acclaimed sports cars of all time, the Porsche 911. Its distinctive two-door, rear-engined silhouette is still instantly recognisable after more than three decades of modifications. Designed with volcanic ash, Arsham re-imagines the car as a witness to one of the most devastating kinds of natural disasters, its ashy grey body abruptly gouged and delicately encrusted with his signature crystal erosions. Enigmatic and ever-compelling, Arsham’s practice continues to explore dichotomies between reality and fiction, as well as destruction and creation in his apocalyptic world of the future.

Ash & Pyrite Eroded Porsche will be showcased at the Opera Theatre, the visually stimulating atrium of K11 MUSEA. It is hoped that the creation of Daniel Arsham can evoke the curiosity and imagination of the visitors, inspire creativity, and align K11 MUSEA’s mission of bringing art to the masses. The artwork will be offered in Phillips’ upcoming 20th Century & Contemporary Art and Design Day Sale at JW Marriott in Hong Kong on 9 July 2020. Last fall, Arsham’s work achieved a new auction record in the Phillips Hong Kong Sale with his sculpture titled Quartz Eroded Vogue Magazine 101 (sold for HK$2,312,500).

Picture credit: DanielArsham/Instagram.
Daniel Arsham. Picture credit: DanielArsham/Instagram.