Peskov accuses NATO of using Ukraine as a pawn in the confrontation with Russia

Dmitry Peskov

28th November 2023 – (Moscow)  Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, accused the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) of using Ukraine as a sacrificial pawn in its ongoing confrontation with Russia. He alleged that, despite public claims to the contrary, the primary purpose of the NATO alliance is to contain Russia.

“NATO regards Russia as an adversary. As an alliance, NATO was established as a tool of confrontation. It was designed as such, and its architecture was constructed to be an element of confrontation and a mechanism for containing our nation in one way or another,” Peskov told reporters.

In Peskov’s opinion, no matter what the alliance invents or what declarations it makes, its fundamental objective remains the same.

“The alliance is undoubtedly analysing the situation, recognising the real state of affairs. At present, it does not abandon its plans to restrain Russia, and it essentially uses the Ukrainian people as a sacrificial lamb in its battle against Russia,” he added.

Peskov further stated that the Kremlin fully recognises this reality and is shaping its policy accordingly. He pointed out that Moscow’s special military operation is ongoing.

These comments were made in response to a statement by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Ahead of the November 28-29 meeting of NATO’s foreign ministers in Brussels, Stoltenberg acknowledged Ukraine’s inability to shift the front line despite extensive NATO assistance. He underscored that this reality reaffirms that Russia should not be underestimated, yet NATO should continue to support Kiev.

Stoltenberg argued that it was not in NATO’s security interests to allow Russia to have the upper hand in the Ukrainian conflict.

In an interview with Hungarian online media platform Index, the NATO Secretary-General confirmed that the North Atlantic allies had provided assistance worth 100 billion euros to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. He expressed the alliance’s intention to continue backing Kyiv, stating that they believe such a strategy aligns with their collective security interests.