Permanent Secretary for Housing confirms internet sensation Mr. Ho not a public housing tenant, to probe Mainland assets

Mr & Mrs Ho. Insert picture: Rosanna Law

7th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) In recent years, the Hong Kong government has made significant efforts to combat public housing abuse. However, the highly publicised case of “Mr. Ho and Mrs. Ho,” who gained fame through the TVB Scoop program, has raised concerns about individuals living luxurious lifestyles while also residing in public housing. The TVB Scoop program has been reporting on the 76-year-old Mr. Ho, who is involved in a significant age-gap relationship with a mainland Chinese woman. Responding to the controversy, Rosanna Law, the Permanent Secretary for Housing, stated on a radio program today that an investigation is underway, emphasising that such a high-profile case cannot be ignored.

According to the available records, it has been confirmed that Mr. Ho is not a public housing tenant. Law stated, “There is no evidence to suggest that Mrs. Ho added Mr. Ho to her household, so he should not be living in public housing.” As for Mrs. Ho, Law mentioned that she recently became a public housing tenant. However, if there are claims or indications through media, Mrs. Ho herself, or other sources, regarding her assets or properties in mainland China, the Housing Department will send a letter to Mainland authorities to inquire about any suspicious public housing residents with Mainland assets. Through this process, they have already reclaimed nine public housing units.

The Ho’s case has remained a focal point of media and public attention since its emergence. In a recent TikTok live stream, Mrs. Ho discussed the distribution of her late husband’s jewellery, stating that she possesses more of it than his current wife. She mentioned the presence of diamond rings and jade bracelets placed in her late husband’s ashes. Mrs. Ho revealed that their daughter currently holds the jewellery, emphasising that it was purchased for her late husband.

During the live stream, Mr. Ho was questioned by a netizen about his desire to reclaim his late wife’s jewellery. He responded, “I want it back because I didn’t give it to my daughter at the time. When she went to buy the jewellery, there were receipts.” Expressing frustration, Mrs. Ho stated, “Why do netizens attack me, calling me greedy and saying hurtful things?” Mr. Ho emphasised that the jewellery belonged to his late wife and was not intended for their daughter, stating, “It was only entrusted to her for safekeeping. After my late wife’s passing, it naturally belongs to me.” Responding to a comment about their daughter’s alleged lack of empathy, Mr. Ho said, “My late wife understood this matter clearly because I bought it for her. If I give it to our daughter, it will lead to conflict, involving a substantial sum of money.” He explained that if he retrieves the jewellery, he would either keep it or sell it for future financial security.

Regarding the disputed HK$4.5 million retirement fund, Mr. Ho expressed his determination to recover it, stating, “I will definitely get it back. If I don’t, I won’t rest. I am determined to use it for my retirement. If they take everything away from me, leaving me with only HK$4,200, how is that enough? It won’t be enough to support my children until they turn 18, let alone repay my kindness.” Mr. and Mrs. Ho both emphasised their lack of financial means to hire a lawyer and stated their intention to seek legal aid. Mr. Ho further commented, “Give me enough time. If it comes to a point where I have no choice, I will meet her in court. If the court sees that she has stolen my money, she will be imprisoned. She didn’t consult me or inform me; it’s like she stole my money. If she doesn’t acknowledge me as her father, I won’t acknowledge her as my daughter.”