People’s Liberation Army posts picture of 500 military vehicles in Shenzhen with caption ,’It only takes 10 minutes to reach HK’


14th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After the Global Times reporter, Fu was mobbed and beaten at the airport yesterday, the People’s Liberation Army stationed at the Eastern District immediately released an article on their official WeChat account. The article referred to the recent gathering of military vehicles in Shenzhen. A picture of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center with around 500 military vehicles was also posted together with a caption, ‘It only takes 10 minutes to reach Hong Kong’.

The article made specific reference to Article 18 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong which stipulates that in the event that the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress decides to declare a state of war or, by reason of turmoil within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region which endangers national unity or security and is beyond the control of the government of the Region, decides that the Region is in a state of emergency, the Central People’s Government may issue an order applying the relevant national laws in the Region.

The article further stated that mainland Chinese police could participate in any operation against rioters and terrorist attack if the need arises.

The posting was mysteriously removed after a few hours.

This satellite image shows Chinese security force vehicles inside the Shenzen Bay Sports Center, middle, in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, bordering Hong Kong on Aug. 12, 2019. (Satellite image ©2019 Maxar Technologies via AP)