Pedestrian struck by bus after ignoring traffic signal in Mong Kok intersection


22nd November 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent incident captured on a car’s dashboard camera, a pedestrian was hit by a double-decker bus after disregarding a red traffic signal while attempting to cross the intersection of Shanghai Street. The video footage, timestamped at 3.14pm on 21st November, shows a man walking across the roadway on Mong Kok Road when the pedestrian signal had already turned red. As he reached the middle of the intersection, an 87D line Kowloon Motor Bus approached from Shanghai Street. It was at this point that the pedestrian noticed the bus and hastily accelerated in an attempt to avoid the collision. Unfortunately, he was struck by the left front of the bus, causing him to roll on the ground until he managed to stabilise himself with his hands.

After regaining his footing, the pedestrian briefly exchanged glances with the bus driver before continuing in the direction of Mong Kok Road. The bus driver, concerned about the pedestrian’s well-being, disembarked from the bus and followed him. The video concludes at this point.

Law enforcement authorities received a report of the incident at 3.37pm the same day. The bus driver, identified as Mr. Lee (67 years old), had unintentionally hit the pedestrian at the aforementioned location. Mr. Lee approached the pedestrian to inquire about his injuries, but the pedestrian claimed to be unharmed and left the scene. The incident has since been reclassified from a traffic accident to a traffic report by the authorities.