Pay Trend Survey results for 2023 show modest increases across salary bands


24th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Pay Trend Survey Committee (PTSC) met on May 24th to consider the findings of the 2023 Pay Trend Survey (PTS). The survey found that surveyed companies awarded the following average pay adjustments over the 12-month period from 2nd April, 2022, to 1st April, 2023:

  • Lower Salary Band (below $24,670 per month): 4.61% basic pay indicator and 1.05% additional pay indicator for a gross pay trend indicator of 5.66%
  • Middle Salary Band ($24,670 – $75,620 per month): 5.45% basic pay indicator and 0.23% additional pay indicator for a gross pay trend indicator of 5.68%
  • Upper Salary Band ($75,621 – $154,690 per month): 4.52% basic pay indicator and -0.61% additional pay indicator for a gross pay trend indicator of 3.91%

The 2023 PTS was conducted by the Pay Survey and Research Unit of the Joint Secretariat for the Advisory Bodies on Civil Service and Judicial Salaries and Conditions of Service, based on an improved methodology approved by the Chief Executive-in-Council in March 2007. The survey reflects the pay trend in 108 surveyed companies covering 136,971 employees, taking into account adjustments to basic salary and additional payments awarded to employees attributableto factors related to the cost of living, general prosperity and company performance, general changes in market rates, merit, and in-scale increment.

The survey findings reveal that larger companies employing 100 or more staff accounted for 75% of the surveyed companies, while smaller companies employing 50-99 staff accounted for 25%. The majority of employees (47.4%) fell under the middle salary band, with 43.9% in the lower salary band and 8.7% in the upper salary band.

The PTSC, comprising representatives from various advisory bodies and civil service organizations, validated the survey findings. The Chairperson of the PTSC, Mr Laurence Li, SC, who is also a member of the Standing Commission on Civil Service Salaries and Conditions of Service, chaired the meeting. Mr Li emphasized that the 2023 PTS was conducted in a professional and objective manner, with the PTSC submitting the Pay Trend Survey Committee Report to the Government for consideration.

While the survey findings are derived from the pay trends in the private sector companies, civil service pay adjustment is a separate matter. The Chief Executive-in-Council will take into account the pay trend indicators and other pertinent considerations before making a decision on the 2023-24 civil service pay adjustment.