Pay rise for civil servants to be tabled during first Executive Council meeting on 5th July, sources


4th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) The 2022 pay trend report was released earlier. The recommended pay rise for senior civil servants exceeded 7.26%, which caused a social backlash. The Executive Council was originally scheduled to review the salary increment in early June, but was finally asked to withdraw the agenda temporarily and it now falls into the hands of the new government. The first Executive Council meeting under John Lee’s tenure will be held on the morning of Tuesday (5th).

Sources revealed that the salary increase of civil servants will be proposed again, and the government is not expected to follow the net target salary increase. The results of this year’s pay trend report showed that the proposed pay rise for senior civil servants is 7.26%, while salaries of middle and lower-ranking civil servants be raised by 4.55% and 2.04% respectively. A number of civil servants unions pointed out earlier that salaries for civil servants have been frozen for the past two years. As civil servants continue to work under increasing pressure, they should be given reasonable salary adjustments.

Ronny Tong Ka-wah, current non-official member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong said that in principle, the 2022 pay trend report cannot be completely relied upon. In the past year, the economy was sluggish, many companies cut salaries and staff were forced to take unpaid leave, while many senior executives left for various reasons, requiring substantial salary increases to retain managers. He pointed out that the above two situations do not fully apply to civil servants. It would not be appropriate to only follow the proposed targeted increase. He personally believes that it is impossible for senior civil servants to receive the full 7.26% salary increment.