Patrick Nip reminds civil servants not to participate in illegal assemblies tomorrow


30th September 2020 – (Hong Kong) Som netizens incited others on social media to participate in illegal assemblies tomorrow and around 6,000 police officers will be deployed in multiple districts to be on standby. The Secretary for the Civil Service, Patrick Nip, wrote to all civil servants today, saying that they hoped that they would share their holidays with their families during the Mid-Autumn Festival. He also reminded the police have already issued a letter of objection to the organiser of the rally to tomorrow, reiterating that the government has zero tolerance for civil servants who participate in illegal activities.

Nip pointed out in the letter that as of the end of September, 46 civil servants had been arrested, under investigation, or prosecuted for participating in illegal public activities, and they have all been suspended. Nip emphasised that the government attaches great importance to the conduct of civil servants and will never tolerate illegal activities. He also reminded that the Internet is full of distorted and false information, hoping that they can distinguish right from wrong and abide by the Civil Service Code. Nip also thanked civil servants for their early assistance in implementing the Community testing Testing Program and their contribution to the fight against the epidemic. He also reminded them not to relax during the holidays and not to participate in any activities that might violate the gathering ban.