Passengers take two round trips between Tung Chung and Sheung Shui, resulting in a taxi fare of $839


2nd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) A taxi driver recently took to social media to share his experience of ferrying a group of passengers back and forth between Tung Chung and Sheung Shui, resulting in a staggering fare of HK$839.2. The driver, who posted his account on the local Facebook group, even uploaded photos of the receipts as proof. The receipts indicated that the passengers boarded the taxi at 9.37pm and disembarked at 11.17pm, with a total travel time of 100 minutes covering a distance of 120.52 kilometres.

Expressing his astonishment, the driver remarked that although he had previously transported passengers from the airport to Fanling and vice versa, this was the first time he had encountered such an extensive round trip. He humorously added, “I should be able to retire for 10 years after this!”

Curiosity arose among netizens about the reasons behind the passengers’ repeated journeys and the length of their wait in Sheung Shui. The taxi driver explained that the passengers realised they had left their identification documents behind only after reaching the vicinity of Choi Yuen Estate. In response, the driver said, “When the passengers discovered the missing documents in Sheung Shui, they immediately left. As for me, I dropped off the passengers in Sheung Shui and went straight to Tai Po to refuel. After 15 minutes, I closed the door and headed to Kwai Chung.”

Some online users, who believed they were knowledgeable about the taxi industry, expressed their envy, commenting that the hourly rate of $4 was not bad at all. They playfully remarked on the driver’s fatigue, suggesting he take a 30-minute break. Others quipped about the physical toll such a journey would have on a driver, asking if his legs were shaking upon arrival. One user even proclaimed, “This is the income a taxi driver deserves!” The consensus among these comments was that the fare of over $800 was justifiable because the passenger was likely rushing to cross the border into mainland China. The driver’s response to these remarks was a simple “Stay calm. There’s no such thing as an hourly rate of $4.” He further shared that he continued to work without taking a rest after completing this particular trip.